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          Institute of Health and Nursing Australia

          Institute Of Health and Nursing Australia is one of the leading nursing colleges.

          We are specialised in Health sector short time courses like Aged Care courses, Home and Community Care courses and more extensive Diploma of Nursing courses. We have three campuses Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

          We are one of the quality education providers and are looking to deliver our aged care courses in other countries.

          Company Health Careers International Pty Ltd
          Location Rosanna VIC


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          Knowledge Hub

          Educational management system.

          Knowledge Hub

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          Educational management system.


          Current export locations:

          • Asia (Southern)
            • India

          Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

          • Entire region
            • Asia (Maritime South-East)


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          Saji Kunnumpurath
          Marketing Manager-International

          Consider calling during business hours - it is 6:17am on Wednesday in Victoria.