Aged Care Learning Solutions

Aged Care Learning Solutions provides aged care specific online learning solutions. Aged Care Learning Solutions educational material is endorsed by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.

Aged Care Learning Solutions has been providing aged care specific online education solutions since 2004. With over 250,000 learning activity enrolments and covering more than 90 aged care specific topics, we are one of the leaders in our field.

Online learning results in substantial savings for employers as workers do not need to travel or leave their work to learn. Learners have access to consistent and high quality learning based on the Australian Aged Care Standards for Home Care and Residential Care.

Online internet based learning has many benefits. Learners gain new knowledge and skills or improve their skills anytime and anywhere; information is current as it can be easily updated; retention of information is high and learners can easily refresh or expand their knowledge.

Our learning activities are suitable for people providing Home Care, Community Care and Residential Care.

Aged Care Learning Solutions can tailor learning solutions to meet specific language, learning, cultural and regulatory requirements.

Our belief is that Older People have the right to be cared for by people with the knowledge, practical and interpersonal skills to do their work safely and respectfully.

Aged Care Learning Solution’s current market is Australia. We look forward to the opportunity to provide tailored aged care learning solutions in China, India and Malaysia.

Company CQI Interent Solutions Pty Ltd
Location Mona Vale NSW


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Aged Care Learning Solutions

Keep Learning, Keep Caring

Aged Care Learning Solutions

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Keep Learning, Keep Caring

Aged Care Learning Solutions offers tailored, affordable, managed learning solutions to facilitate the delivery of mandatory and other staff education for residential and community aged care providers and other services involved in the health care of older people. We also have a unique CPD solution for individual registered nurses, enrolled nurses and health professionals who care for older people to ensure national registration continuing professional development requirements are met.


Regions we are wishing to develop export opportunities within:

  • Asia (Chinese) (includes Mongolia)
    • China
  • Asia (Maritime South-East)
    • Malaysia
  • Asia (Southern)
    • India


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